F**k failure. You’re doing fine.

Small wins are as important as big wins.

#1. Look for moments of meaning.

A kind look from your child, a smile from a stranger, saying no with kindness – these are the things that refill our bucket and give us the fuel to carry on.

Don’t just look with your eyes, allow them to happen.

#2. Strong roots in strong winds.

We only fall when our foundations are weak.

Create a solid foundation of ‘why’, then build from that. When the wind blows, it allows you to twist and bend but not to break.

Our foundations create resilience; after all, we know the winds will come again.

#3. Embrace failure as learning.

The moment we change the word from failure to learning we grow.

The more we use our foundation to push the boundaries we risk failure, but we also encourage success.

ARTICLE: Live your legacy. Don’t save it for when you are gone.

What is most interesting to me is how predictable we are as a species. In that, we almost universally require chaos to change our lives significantly.

How often have you read the story of the miracle weight loss, a change of career or the need to sit on a mountaintop and find yourself?

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