We work with growth-focused business owners to help you turn opportunity into results.

We believe every person and business is full of potential.

You just have to know where to look.


Grant Difford, Founder

Every business owner knows they achieve more with the right help.


We specialise in working with privately owned businesses that are in the growth phase and are missing some key components to meet those goals. From discovery and leadership workshops through to full strategic planning and implementation, brand development, marketing/sales strategy and online lead automation.


Waking Giants is a name that embodies why we do what we do. In simple terms, we believe everyone has the ability to go beyond the status quo and achieve great things.


But there is another group that really inspire us, business owners that are passionate about creating the best version of themselves so they can create change within their businesses to impact the world positively.



Everyone can be a great leader. When we start businesses we often do what we know how to do, rather than solve a problem. Are you a technician or an entrepreneur?



Does your current strategy align with your long-term vision? If not how do you think that’s going to work? Even worse, what if you don’t have a strategic plan.



What does growth look like for you? Its the first question we ask when we work with leaders and their businesses. It starts the journey of understanding what is truly important.



Culture is a competitive advantage. Your company culture cannot be ignored or disregarded as ‘more’ cost. To retain and attract great people, you have to create a great company.



How do you make people feel? You have the opportunity to create an emotional connection with your customers that will live long after the sale.



The plan is only a roadmap to get you where you want to go. The real art is putting it into action, tracking milestones and holding key parties accountable.

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