Beware The Energy Vampires.

They don’t care about your mission.

#1. Life is a team sport.

Audit who you currently have in your team. Some may need to be benched, some might need to be transferred out permanently.

#2. You are driving, not the audience.

Allow them to watch, to enjoy the ride, but not at the cost of your self-control. Don’t give them an excuse to doubt you. Act. That is the greatest lesson for your doubters.

#3. Start from the beginning.

Our humility will allow us to go back to the start. To take the lesson on the chin and get up again. Our failures are not our character; our character sees them as lessons. Then we go again.

ARTICLE: Walk The Dog – A lesson for a rich life.

The most important question is – do any of these important moments in my life link directly to a societal tradition of short-term transformation?

Full Read – 3 Mins

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