There Is Always A Path Through.

Over. Under. Through. Round.

#1. Use The Difficulty.

The obstacles you are presented with are not there to stop you; they are there to test you. You can only pass if you want to move forward.

#2. Observe Your Emotions.

Don’t be a slave to them. We all fall victim to our emotional responses. But if we observe the source of our emotions, we start to understand where the solution lies.

#3. Life Will Be Shit. Get On Board.

The moment you accept that life is hard and imperfect, you become free. The obstacles don’t become a shock but your next challenge. Change your mind, change your emotions.

ARTICLE: How I Use Trauma To Grow

My anchors are no longer things that hold me back but the thing that holds me steady in a storm so I can keep progressing when it clears.

Full Read – 2 Mins

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