Without a fresh perspective, missed opportunities and mistakes can increase stress and negatively impact on your ability to make progress.

When we observe the most successful business leaders, we fall under the illusion that they have it all together. Well, it’s not true.

The most successful people have a team around them because they realise they don’t know it all. There is very little new in running a business; it may be new to you; after all, you haven’t learned it all yet, have you? And you probably never will.

Working with a trusted advisor is more than a relationship with a business coach; it’s more of a partnership where everything is on the table, and nothing is out of bounds. The key here is trust; the relationship will cover all aspects of your business and your life; after all, they equally affect each other.

While working in this privileged role, I have witnessed the most amazing breakthroughs, innovations, failures and growth. All because I have been right there, ready to catch them or to celebrate their victories.

The Benefits Of A Trusted Advisor

The Role Of A Coach Vs A Trusted Advisor

Coaches and trusted advisors are valuable resources for personal and professional growth, but they serve different purposes. A coach typically focuses on helping individuals or teams develop specific skills or achieve specific goals.

They may use structured techniques and assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses and work with clients to develop action plans for improvement. Coaches may specialize in leadership, communication, or career development. While they may guide on broader issues, they typically focus on achieving specific outcomes.

A trusted advisor, on the other hand, provides more holistic guidance on various issues. They may help individuals navigate complex challenges, make important decisions, and identify blind spots hindering progress. Trusted advisors are typically more relationship-driven and may work with clients over an extended period.

They provide a safe space for clients to discuss sensitive or confidential matters and offer a fresh perspective on a wide range of issues. While they may help clients develop specific skills, they focus on providing ongoing support and guidance throughout their personal and professional journeys.

There are six critical outcomes that you will gain from working with me as a trusted advisor:

  • Hold a mirror up when you can’t see the challenges

  • Provide strategic insights and map solutions

  • Be a confidante to bounce ideas off

  • Help fill the gaps in your capability temporarily

  • Unravel complex challenges and turn them into opportunities

  • Be there when you need support the most

Why Be Vulnerable And Get A Trusted Advisor?

A trusted advisor can provide several benefits, such as:

Gain a fresh perspective: A trusted advisor can provide a new outlook on challenges, offering new insights and ideas that can lead to breakthroughs and opportunities for growth.

Navigate complex challenges: A trusted advisor can help individuals and organizations navigate complex challenges, providing guidance and support through difficult decisions.

Identify blind spots: Trusted advisors can help identify blind spots that may be hindering progress and offer suggestions for improvement.

Provide a sounding board: A trusted advisor can provide a safe space for individuals to discuss ideas and concerns, offering constructive feedback and support.

Increase confidence: Working with a trusted advisor can increase your confidence as they better understand your strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies to overcome challenges.

Achieve better outcomes: Ultimately, working with a trusted advisor can lead to better outcomes, as individuals and organizations make more informed decisions and take strategic action towards their goals.

Why work with me?

Working with me as your trusted advisor will bring an honest assessment of your business position and opportunities, with enough kindness to help you hear the truth, all focused on helping you achieve your potential.

From my various experiences on boards for sports charities, as a school board member and EO Accelerator Board member, along with critical roles in organisations before I started Waking Giants at a senior level, I know what it takes to build trust and cut through the crap to see what’s going on.

My role has seen me be involved in the development and exit process of a successful Kiwi brand, strategic advisor for brand strategy and culture development, speaker on resilience and leadership, facilitator for international brands and coach for several government development programs, all focused on getting the best out of the senior leadership.

But at a grass route level, I have worked with business leaders from $180,000 – $80m in revenue, unpacking and simplifying their biggest challenges and helping to turn them into opportunities.

Trusted by

“I have been working with Grant for many years and what stands out is his genuine passion for our business and his ability to adapt as our business changes.”

Andy Thomson

Construction Cost Consultants

“From the moment we first talked, Grant could see the value in our business that we undervalued. As we move through our next growth phase, I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Simon Morgan


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