Quiet Courage Is All Around You.

Getting on. Not complaining. Without an audience.

#1. Expertise x Honesty.

Your growth will come from deeply informed and brutal facts in a world of gloss and no substance. This is the seed of resilience and the path to success.

#2. Give Up On Guilt, Not Yourself.

We use guilt as a weapon against ourselves. Not enough time, not enough attention, not enough, not enough. To give up on guilt, you must first understand what is most important to you and do it.

#3. Face Reality. No Matter The Pain.

When we are backed into a corner we have two choices; we crumble and fall or we make a plan and start swinging. You may still lose, but you won’t regret trying.

ARTICLE: Half Of The Art Of Living Is Resilience.

It is not lost on me that life is hard, damn hard. But we assume that most have it under control. It’s a myth.

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