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6th September 2023

The right action is important, not just any action.

For many Lone Leaders, energy functions like a finite resource, depleting with each decision, each hurdle, each email read. It’s a natural assumption to make: as our day wears on, our energy dwindles.

In this mindset, we believe we must first have the energy to take action. But what if this belief has been skewed? Welcome to the Energy Paradox – the idea that it’s not energy that drives action but rather action that creates energy and, in turn, purpose.

Unraveling the Paradox

The Energy Paradox challenges the traditional causality we assign to energy and action. It posits that waiting for the right moment or the perfect surge of energy often leads to inaction. However, by propelling ourselves into decisive actions, we can spark a cascade of energy and purpose that fuels further endeavours even when our reserves feel low.

This might sound counterintuitive, but there’s a profound truth here. Consider moments in your entrepreneurial journey where you’ve leaped, even when you felt exhausted or demotivated. The very act of moving forward, making that decision or taking that risk often reignites passion and purpose, pushing you ahead with renewed vigour.

Creating the Right Energy in Your Business

In this context, energy is not just a personal reservoir but an ambience, a culture that permeates the very fabric of your business. Here’s how to cultivate it:

  1. Action-Oriented Culture: Foster a workplace culture that values action. Encourage teams to make decisions and move projects forward, even if the energy or motivation initially seems lacking. With each step taken, you’ll find that the team’s collective energy rises, driving further productivity and innovation.
  2. Celebrate Small Wins: Not every achievement is a landmark success. But even the smallest wins can generate significant energy. You acknowledge the effort and generate a positive feedback loop by celebrating these. This loop, in turn, propels further action, creating an energy generation cycle.
  3. Reconnect with Purpose: Purpose is the true north for any Lone Leader. It’s the compass that guides and the anchor that grounds. When energy levels dip, realign with your core purpose. Why did you start your business? What vision did you hope to achieve? Reconnecting with these fundamentals can reignite passion and energy, pushing you forward.
  4. Physical Well-being: While our focus is on the energy generated by action, we cannot ignore the foundation of all energy: physical well-being. A healthy, balanced lifestyle can be the bedrock of sustained energy. Encourage breaks, promote work-life balance, and consider incorporating physical activities into your work routine. Remember, a healthy body often houses a driven, energetic mind.

Reflections on Harnessing the Energy Paradox

  1. Inertia vs. Momentum: At rest, it’s easy to remain stagnant. But once you move, momentum builds. Reflect on times when taking the first step, however daunting, set off a chain reaction of productivity. Harness this principle regularly.
  2. The Role of Mindset: Your perception of energy – as a finite resource or byproduct of action – can define your entrepreneurial journey. Reflect on your mindset and consider recalibrating if it leans too heavily on waiting for the ‘right moment.’
  3. Collaborative Energy: Energy isn’t just individual; it’s collective. The synergy of a team working in unison can create an energy reservoir. Reflect on how you can foster this collaborative spirit, turning group endeavours into energy generators.
  4. The Feedback Loop: Positive actions often lead to positive outcomes, which drive further positive actions. It’s a feedback loop that every business owner should strive to establish. Reflect on your business’s feedback mechanisms. Are they geared towards creating energy?

Energy, often seen as the precursor to action, can be its result. In the business world, where uncertainties abound, waiting for the perfect surge of energy can be an exercise in futility. Instead, dive into the paradox.

Take actions, even small ones, and watch as they breathe life, purpose, and, yes, energy into your entrepreneurial journey.

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Until next week, take the first step, no matter how hard it feels.


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