A large number of benefits can be garnered from participating in team leadership and development training programs. For a start, they help raise employee morale, increase retention, boost production, and build top teams.

To help your team members take charge and be effective, you may consider these.

Team Leadership Workshops that can Help Improve your Organization

Remove Conflict from Conflict Resolution

As a general rule, any group that works together and spends a lot of time with each other will have disagreements. A good leader must know how to keep this under control. With these types of leadership workshops, you’ll learn how to manage problems that arise.

“Pinch Theory” Conflict Management.

This teaches that conflict is predictable and can be lowered. “Pinches” refer to people’s expectations that are not met.

Taking Corrective Action.

You should never be afraid to take corrective action. Instead of confronting a team member, a great way to get them on the side and on track is to create a plan, set expectations, and enforce consequences so that performance is bettered.

Practice the “Feedback Sandwich” Method.

You may wish to take a proactive approach to criticize your team members. This method delivers criticism without having anyone get mad or defensive. You start your feedback with positive comments. Then, you can deliver your main message and can wrap up with other positive comments. The overall message is sandwiched between constructive and less harsh comments.

Communicate about Communication

 5 Team Leadership Workshops to Help You Improve Your Organization

Bad communication can cause delays, errors, and overruns for a company. In other words, it is one of the leading causes of inefficiency. The goal of this type of workshop is to learn how to commit to action so that communication is improved.

Improving Your Listening Skills

At the management level, listening is much more important than speaking. When a team member feels empowered by a manager who listens attentively, this person will share his or her wants and needs.

Heighten Communication Within Departments

Many companies find it difficult to maintain positive communication within various departments. It is vital to identify the causes of miscommunication and to develop a plan that brings improvement.

Limit Distractions

Is very challenging to listen to your team members when your attention is pulled in all directions. To truly listen, you must concentrate hard and limit distractions.

Follow Up

To heighten communication, you must show your team that you comprehend the things that have been discussed. In other words, you should follow up with a text, email, or verbal acknowledgment.

Activity Guide

A great exercise that you can incorporate into team leadership workshops of this nature is to play “Minefield.” The goal is to improve communication and to have each team member rely on each other through verbal guidance while tackling a fake obstacle course. You can mark the playing field on the ground. One side is the starting line. The opposite side is the finish line. In the center, you make obstacles from small balls. Teams are divided. One person is blindfolded, and everyone else guides this individual through the course with words so that no obstacles are touched. In the end, this activity builds trust and enhances communication between team members.

Team Building and Motivation

Good leadership workshops teach managers how to motivate team members. When everyone feels inspired and determined, you will notice the increased effort that raises production and overall performance. To accomplish this task, it is vital to learn different ways to push the people on your team.

Understand Motivation

The things that inspire you may not inspire your entire team. As a leader, you must uncover individual modes of motivation.

Define Team

A team is an organized group with clear goals. Being successful means working together. This idea must be understood by the group.

Having Fun

Although work should be serious, it is vital to have fun as well. It is important to laugh. This relaxes the mind and allows for a more positive work environment. A great team-building activity is to have a “joke of the day.”

Play the “Survival Game”

This activity encourages teamwork by boosting creative thoughts and problem-solving skills. To start the game, you divide everyone into two teams of four. Then, you give them a life-threatening situation. They have 20 minutes to agree upon five items that they want with them to solve the problem. This helps people listen to various ideas and to compromise for the good of the group.

Team Leadership Workshops

Improve Time Management

In business, it’s crucial to use time wisely. Team leadership workshops must address positive time management.

Limit Procrastination.

It is important to discuss procrastination with your team members. You must uncover the most effective ways to plan your days. When there is a clear path to accomplish goals, it becomes easier to get the job done without hassles.

Stop Micro-managing

You must allow your team to make decisions. Although this may lead to mistakes, it is the only way for everyone to learn and grow.

Positive Delegation

Sharing a company’s tasks is part of teamwork. When one person is responsible for everything, it leads to burnout. When a leader trusts his or her team to share the project tasks, the team becomes more committed and successful.

Discuss “Urgent” Versus “Dilemma” in Business

Sometimes, it is easy to confuse priorities. As a leader, you must help your team distinguish between the things that must be actioned immediately and the things that can wait. In the end, you can add a great deal of time back into work today.

Bring Action to Words

Many businesses waste time on daily meetings. Although communication is important, nobody enjoys listening to lectures. You must learn to end sessions with a definite plan of action.

“What I Need From You”

One excellent team leadership activity is delivering clarity and direction to each member of your organization. During this exercise, you look at each person and explain “what I need from you.” During these exchanges, a manager gives a clear plan to each part of the company in a structured and responsible manner. This prevents roadblocks from success and delivers a vision or path towards reaching goals.

When you are ready to help your team improve, the above leadership workshops are sure to bring positive results. When a little bit of discipline is infused with fun and practical activities, it is possible to gain real success for your organization.

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