Surrounding yourself with great people and nurturing the culture of your company will create unexpected opportunities.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.


Henry Ford

Culture is the foundation on which any group of people and their relationships are forged. It influences a person’s behaviour and encourages self discovery and fulfilment. A team that is fulfilled and aligned in terms of their values will grow and thrive together.


As a leader, ensuring you have an established and appropriate culture is one of the most important keys to the success of your company. A team working together to the same set of values will have a greater understanding of their personal needs, individual strengths, strongest assets and be able to work efficiently towards the same goals.


Getting out of the familiarity and ‘safety’ of the everyday working environment allows an exploration of personalities beyond the every day tasks. It highlights strengths and uncovers hidden attributes in  team members that may otherwise remain hidden and demonstrates key areas that might need attention for development and growth.


Time, as we all know, is a valuable commodity, and with all the will in the world to address your company culture, sometimes it just gets pushed to the bottom of the pile, rushed, or insufficiently considered. We can help by directing you down a clear pathway with simple steps, customised to your specific requirements, and even do a lot of the work for you. Whether you need to start at the beginning, defining your company vision and values, or simply need someone to provide you with tailored, targeted team events that will really deliver results for your people and company as a whole, we have the means to make it happen. 


The importance of your culture cannot be underestimated, so let us assist you in making it a priority on your ‘to do’ list, without being a drain on your time and resources.



These are a fantastic tool for addressing a specific requirement within your company. It might be confidence, leadership, accountability or mindfulness, for example, and might be valuable to your entire team or a select group.


We can help you to identify the strategy best suited to your people. By interacting with them individually, we ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your team.



Too often a team activity is only provided once a year, at Christmas, and is left until the last minute to organise with little thought given to the potential benefits it can provide if done well. We encourage involvement from individual team members to identify an activity that will be rewarding to the company as a whole and provide valuable insights for staff and leaders alike.


There’s nothing quite like pushing your limits and exiting your comfort zone to discover strengths you never knew existed. The value of some physical activity and fresh air when it comes to motivation and productivity is undeniable, at any time of the year.



These days offer the opportunity to maximise on the workshops and team activities by combining them into a full day of discovery. An activity that usually involves a more physical challenge and some good old fashioned fun is backed up with a complementary learning workshop based on the same theme.


A great example would be some high-wire tree climbing that challenges confidence and provides valuable self-discovery, followed by a workshop about confidence with discussions about the lessons learned. Following up these days with feedback sessions with your team will provide unexpected insights for them and you alike.



The value a well-considered gift/reward can have on a staff member is not to be underestimated. We believe in engaging with individuals and getting their feedback on gifts/rewards is the key to ensuring they feel valued and appreciated within a team. Doing so also ensures that you are investing in great people and creating a culture of worth and respect.


We can provide fully customised gifting/reward solutions that align with your company culture and show your staff their importance, whilst leaving you with your valuable time to make things happen.

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