Getting out of the familiarity and ‘safety’ of the everyday working environment allows an exploration of personalities beyond the every day tasks.

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.


Amy Poehler

Deciding on an activity to do with a group of people who all have different interests can be challenging. Our approach is to consider what it is you want to achieve from doing an activity as a team and to engage the individuals in the decision process. Often, a persons reasons for not wanting to do something can result in them getting more from the activity than anyone else on the day.


We will begin by meeting with you to discuss what outcomes you are looking for from an activity. You might want an enjoyable, relaxing gathering with your team or a more active event that will challenge individuals and highlight strengths and weaknesses.


We will then liaise directly with your team members to get an insight into what activities might be appropriate. From there, we research and present a selection of activity options to satisfy the requirements identified. 


We can assist in selecting the final activity (this may involve team input) and take care of all arrangements as required.


Finally, we gather feedback from all participants and provide a summary to you based on the initial requirements we identified. This is essential information that will undoubtedly provide you with unexpected insights into your team and the benefits of creating a customised event.

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