These case studies give you a small insight into why, how and what we do.

Branding is all about telling authentic stories that connect with your core audience.


To relaunch a 50-year-old brand in New Zealand, we created our own event to celebrate two Kiwi and British running legends.

One of the most critical elements of the process was the securing of key IP both on and offline.


It is important to work beyond the creative and apply a commercial eye to the projects that we work on.

Better products for the client and the space.



The DecoForme brand strategy was developed using one-to-one market validation with the core audiences over 12 months before the development of the market offering.

Understanding what your people need, demands asking real questions.

Capturing stories and culture to drive their global recruitment strategy.


We work with Candor3 to capture and distribute their brand story online to meet the needs of their growing business and attract top talent.

62% of leads generated through Facebook & Instagram.

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We helped Hallmark Group plan for the next 25 years of growth.


Recently, we helped Hallmark Group develop and launch two new interior decorative products to increase their market footprint.

‘The first event back we were overwhelmed by the customer sentiment and love of the brand.’


Bringing a 50 year old brand to life for New Zealand Runners: Ronhill.


As a strategic joint venture Waking Giants will be driving a new strategic direction for how the brand is delivered throughout New Zealand.