30 Day Strategic Planning Workshop


+ How to develop and implement Objectives & Key Results
+ How to create accountability in your strategy
+ Create a 30 day strategic plan and action

This coached workshop will take you through a fast-paced 30-day strategic plan to evolve and grow your business at pace, making quick and focused decisions that you can communicate and measure with your team. Using the Objectives and Key Results methodology it will keep you focused on what will make the biggest impact over the next 30 days.

Using the Objectives and Key Results methodology it will keep you focused on what will make the biggest impact over the next 30 days.

Who is the course for?

Business owners with their hands on the steering wheel, passionate about business transformation and immediate action.

What is the 30 day plan?

So much strategic planning is delivered over 12 months, 3, 5 and 10 years. But, when you need and want to take action, it’s time to get moving.

The goal is not to ignore a long-term strategy as that is essential, but there is huge value in what you can do right now.

With the rapid pace of innovation and technology all businesses need to have an agile and rapid strategy process that can see them make gains early to create momentum for the long-term.

Using the Objectives and Key Results method we are able to very quickly reduce lethargy that comes with many long term strategies, keeps you focused on what matters, omit the wasted time and energy and get the results that will actually drive outcomes.

What will the workshop cover?

Many businesses think they are unique, but they are not. There are only a few constructs that essentially create a business:

+ Product &/or service
+ People (your people and your customers)
+ Revenue & profit
+ Brand
+ Relevancy & timing

The rest is packaging in the context of what and how you deliver. This is the secret sauce, the thing that your business brings to the table in your own unique way.

The course will cover:

+ What are OKRs?
+ Examples of OKRs delivered
+ How to develop and implement OKRs (Worksheet)
+ Examples of what is possible in a short time frame (Q &A)
+ What to stop/what to start (Worksheet)
+ How to create accountability
+ How to share the responsibility (Worksheet)
+ Creating the plan (Full walkthrough & worksheet)

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Book your 30 Day Strategic Planning Workshop

  • 8 Modules
  • 4 Worksheets
  • Full strategic plan walk through
  • Onsite*
  • Team review

Workshop price: $995 NZD
(Max 4 attendees)

*Outside Auckland – Zoom


‘The walkthrough of the plan was so helpful. I found starting the plan on my on overwhelming but now I have a plan finished and I am implementing’.

Robert Tighe, Storybud

‘I am now focused now on what I need to do to create a business that suits my lifestyle’.

Laura Mohi, Wild Pilates

‘It changed the way we think about our business and challenged us on our values and if we are really living them’.

Kai Stroem, Koda Sports

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