No time for workshops or coaching?

Our online course is designed so you can learn and implement your strategy in your own time.

Strategic Planning Online Course
Strategic Planning Online Course Mobile

Strategic Planning Online Course.

Learn, Plan and Implement Anytime.

If we consider time as a barrier for many business owners when it comes to strategic planning, then we have the answer. We have turned our coaching and workshop framework into a simple, video course with supporting tools so you can take the time you need to plan your growth.

The most important feature of this course is that you can implement each lesson immediately, you can delegate to your team and see results. With all the templates you need along with a FULL walkthrough of the plan, there are no more excuses for not having a strategic plan for your business.

Why is strategic planning so important?

What’s in our strategic planning course?

This course has been developed in the real world with live clients from independent contractors to $150m corporate healthcare clients, using the same model and principles. How, because we make it as simple as possible. And the results follow.

The Tools

  • 26 Videos.

  • 11 Modules with templates.

  • 30-day strategy template.

  • 30-day strategy walkthrough video.

  • 90-day strategy template.

  • 90-day strategy walkthrough video.

  • Scale By Strategy Ebook.

The Modules

  • Course introduction.

  • Let’s start with why.

  • The who?

  • The secret sauce.

  • The parking lot.

  • Building the strategy.

  • Creating the framework for accountability.

  • Your 4 core objectives and key results.

  • Thinking into the future.

  • Where the rubber hits the road.

  • Course wrap up.

Do you want to realise the potential in your business?

Start working on your strategy right now, anytime, anywhere.

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What makes a GREAT strategy plan?

Strategic planning is made too hard, too much detail and not enough innovation. We help you break it down and ONLY do the things that will make a difference.

Passion For Change

Strategy is about making new decisions and planning for the future. Not business as usual.

Do Less

Focus on the two to three BIG plays that will make a significant difference to your business.

Get Help

Outside insights or the support of your team will help you generate new thinking and opportunities for growth.

Focus On Momentum

By getting early wins on the board you create momentum. By doing too much you get overwhelmed.

Insights: It just works.

From having a great idea to taking on a global industry, they didn’t know where to start. Between our one-on-one coaching and the online course they got focused, clear and nailed their goals.

Hear from Max >

Max Perakura

Founder, Koda Sports

“We’ve found the experience and outcomes exceeding our expectations. Clear ‘out of the box’ strategic thinking has challenged us and led us to develop better strategies for the business and marketing approach.”

Chris Thomas, CEO, Pacsoft International

“The value that they add in terms of the strategy and the thinking is immeasurable – It’s not just a marketing exercise for Waking Giants, it’s the value add in the background. They’ve added a lot of value in this business.”

John Gardiner, Director, Candor³

“I am now focused now on what I need to do to create a business that suits my lifestyle”

Laura Mohi, Owner/Founder Wild Pilates

Time to take action.

Our approach to strategy focuses on the core needs of the business – understanding the current strengths and weaknesses or looking for future growth opportunities.

Scale By Strategy Book

You can secure the entire course framework for only $12.

Online Course

If you want to progress your strategy plan online, we have the tool for you.

1035% Growth, With Running Socks.

Leveraging customer-centric strategies

If you think great customer service is too much effort check the Google Reviews for Ronhill New Zealand. In 2020 the brand was achieving a small income of $400 per month, well under what it should have been delivering.

Starting with the audience analysis we identified that we needed a low-cost purchase to engage them in this previously relatively unknown brand. With socks being a recurring purchase we knew we would be able to develop a strong lifetime value for those customers and leverage that sale to encourage them to try the running clothing. We focused our energy on brand building through amazing customer service.

The net result was turning a business with $16,000 revenue into $93,000 within 12 months, all because we created a strong customer focus early. For the full case study watch our Sock Strategy Webinar here where we outline the 20 tactics we used to drive growth.

Sock Strategy - Ronhill New Zealand

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How we grew an online sports brand by 1035% in 12 months.

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