The Lone Leader Weekly

7th June 2023

What Do You Really Want?

It’s not the same as what you think you want.

#1. Courage Isn’t For The Brave.

It’s for those that seek meaning and fail on the way.

#2. Beat The Algorithm.

By knowing your truth.
Everyone is marketing their version of the truth.

#3. Choose To Go Backwards.

Bleeding edge is not for everyone. Analogue, tactile, and meaningful are still 100% relevant.

What Is Real Anyway?

Do you have any idea what’s real anymore?

Fake content.

Fake voices.

Fake Louis Vuitton.

Fake pictures.

Fake opinions.

Fake news.

Fake smiles.

Fake aspirations.

Fake accounts.

Full disclosure I use many tools that enable me to do better in life and with my business. Ai for staging imagery, copy tools to improve my strategic content (not this, as you will tell by the poor grammar and typos!) etc etc

All trying to give me an edge in this world of relentless competition.

We all buy into it. Google Maps is there to help you find your way, but it’s making you a product, your data and behaviour their profit.

When we scroll, we see a version of the truth curated once again by our emotions and behaviours.

A self-fulfilling prophecy where the more addicted we get, the more valuable we become.

But how do we buck the system?

How do we remove ourselves from the matrix of fake?

Simple. We go analogue.

I’m not talking paper maps and divining rods to find your Perrier.

Let’s go back to the drawing board on what we want, deeply and truly, what we want.

When we look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, 100,000 followers is not one of them.

When we go back to basics, we can find comfort in meaning.

This past weekend, I had the happiest weekend in years:

  1. Laid in bed and eased into the day.
  2. Walk the dogs with my girls.
  3. I played tennis in the rain with my girls.
  4. Read a book I have had for years.
  5. Spent the morning at a flea market in the sun.
  6. Went to the pub.
  7. Worked on my new business.
  8. I watched Lego Masters with my girls.
  9. Walked the dogs.

None of which takes away from my life. It only enriches it.

All while being deeply passionate about my businesses, clients and goals.

But now they have more meaning; they are aligned with the type of life I want to lead despite the matrix of fake.

By understanding the analogue, you can train the algorithm to play to your game plan.

Until next week, go be outrageously boring.


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