Just Bloody Start!

Failure is the worst that can happen.

#1. Suffering is necessary.

However, you feel right now. The suffering, aligned with your vision for your life IS worth it. If you lack purpose, you are suffering for the wrong thing.

#2. Be selfish. Act. Don’t regret.

A small act of discipline brings about more possibilities than you could imagine. A first act of love, a first walk, and a first article start with doubt and fear.

#3. Stop with other people’s bullshit.

If you want to be the best you can be, edit your life, thoughts, and actions. Your frustration is born in the mirror of a society where deep, unapologetic work is frowned upon.

ARTICLE: Life Is A Paradox, Get On Board

Optimism drives innovation, but that needs to be checked to ensure that you’re playing in reality and not heading towards something that can’t happen.

Full Read – 3 Mins

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