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21st June 2023

Sometimes It’s All Too Hard

That doesn’t mean you have failed.

#1. You Don’t Get To Quit.

But you do get to set expectations for you what you want.

#2. You Don’t Need To Quit.

You need to go easier on yourself.

#3. You Don’t Want To Quit.

Because you know it’s just an off day, and we all have them.

Accept Not All Days Will Be Great.

I don’t want to be Debbie Downer or Negative Nigel, but some days it does just feel like it’s all too hard!

Don’t you agree?

We have a good night’s sleep.

The Gin is tucked away in the cupboard, unopened.

We walked the dog.

Got our exercise.

We even said hello to our neighbour.

But it feels like you just want to go back to bed and reset.

I’m here to say that is 100%, in fact, its 200% (yes, that’s a real number!), OK!

We put so much pressure on ourselves as leaders to be on our game, sharp and giving everything, yet we are still human, and humans are NEVER 100% every single day.

Society creates a narrative of pressure that is pure torture.

Women can have it all, good mums, CEOs, balanced health and are expected to never age.

Men are to be strong, but not too strong, not cry or buckle and to take the blame for the things they can’t control.

Sorry to use these stereotypical insights, but we are all battling against so many expectations that we have not set for ourselves, and it’s plain exhausting.

So rather than complicate it, here are my five tips to have a better day and make progress.

  1. Write everything down that needs doing and do one thing. One tiny thing.
  2. Don’t work. I mean it. F**k, work off and take a break. You’re the boss. You earned it.
  3. DO NOT compare your progress to that of others.
  4. Call a mate or speak to your partner and say I am just not in a good space today. A hug heals a lot.
  5. Tomorrow will be different. You know it will. Trust the process.

And one final note from me.

Writing this today comes from the heart. I feel flat, uninspired and alone.

But I walked the dogs with my wife, knocked over some small tasks on my list, and knew that NO MATTER WHAT, I would write this because this is meaningful, and I am clear on that expectation of myself.

Until next week. Be a little kinder to yourself.


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