The Lone Leader Weekly

14th June 2023

Do you value time?

While it may be linear, you can manipulate it.

#1. Aspiration and elitism are not the same.

But aspiration will put you ahead of the rest.

#2. Be wrong. And own it.

When you admit you are wrong, you get the opportunity to learn.

#3. Download the day.

Never go to sleep with a full mental inbox. Take 5 mins to pick out the best bits and learn from the worst.

Rethink how you use time.

When I was at university a tutor once explained value to us and I have never forgotten it.

So often we trade time for money. Now that’s not a fundamental issue. But that trade isn’t related to value.

We have all worked with that person who got paid the same but didn’t add the same value.

My tutor explained value perfectly.

Commissioned to deliver a new brand identity for Walthamstow Council he spent a few hours on it a delivered them a ‘W’. That’s it, no logo or fancy monogram. Just a ‘W’.

And he charged them £3000.

They were horrified.

How could you charge so much for just choosing a single letter?

He asked them, but is it right for the solution that you are looking for?

Yes, they said.

He responded by telling them that it didn’t take a few hours to choose that ‘W’, it took me 20 years to know which ‘W’ was the right one.

They happily paid the invoice.

When we don’t understand value, you trade for market rates.

While I was taught this lesson when I was 19, it took me over 20 years and 12 years in business to understand it.

Perception of value is not the same as value.

In 1 hour you may be able to make $300.

But the same hour you may be able to play Lego with your 10-year-old.

Or have dinner with your wife.

When you look at your time as a Lone Leader and a business owner. Understanding your value and how you use to time realise it, is your greatest asset.

One moment, one decision. Could change your life forever.

Until next week. Use your time wisely.


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