Rebranding A Business


+ Identify the business value of a rebrand
+ Develop a step-by-step rebrand process
+ Brand relaunch plan

In this age, you must be relentlessly remarkable to stay relevant, if not you will be relegated.

Our rebranding program is designed to guide you through the process redefining your brand. Developing the new way it both looks and feels through the actions of your people.

The Program

STEP ONE: Introspection & Discovery

The first step involves understanding the true need for the rebranding process, who you are and who you want to be, who do you serve, what impact the change will make to the business and its place in the market.

+ Stakeholder discovery workshops
+ Stakeholder engagement and surveying

STEP TWO: Brand Strategy

Once the discovery is complete, our team will develop a brand strategy unique to you. We’ll present what we feel the promise is that you need to communicate and suggest tactics for how it can be expressed throughout your entire brand.

We will take you through an iterative process that allows you to own the outcome and allows us to guide you towards something that is yours, not ours.

+ Development workshops
+ Clear vision for the brand
+ Key brand positioning
+ Mission and values
+ Key customer avatar(s)

STEP THREE: Brand Development Package

Once we’ve developed your brand strategy and you’ve approved this direction, our creative team will translate your brand characteristics into the visual brand and language. A standard rebranding package includes:

+ Logo design/styling
+ Tagline development
+ Brand strategy documentation
+ Brand identity system and guidelines
+ Brand launch strategy

STEP FOUR: Brand Rollout

Now the new brand is developed it is critical to launch through key channels. Undertaking the brand launch strategy we will deliver the following:

+ Internal brand launch and communications
+ External brand launch and communications
+ Update all brand touch-points (Offline & Online)

STEP FIVE: Rebrand Review

Rebranding a business will always create some friction through change. It is critical to proactively garner feedback and action it to ensure the business evolves into its new market position and generate new opportunity.

+ Stakeholder engagement and surveying
+ Internal feedback and strategy alignment.

*At this stage we do not know what key assets you will require to be delivered. Your exact needs will be outlined and investment advised appropriately. Data collection platform costs, travel and engagement costs defined by your needs. Production and third party costs for the brand rollout will be quoted as required.
Rebranding A Business
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“From day one Grant and his team have been exceptional in our journey to increase and develop new brands, and the concepts that they have created have exceeded all our original expectations.”

Braden Hickmott, Hallmark Group

Rebranding a business is no easy task. Before you start, understand why you are making the change.

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