We believe purpose and action will exponentially increase your chances of success.

Our Story


Waking Giants was developed to bridge that gap between the idea and the outcome. As humans, we spend too much time telling ourselves we can’t or we shouldn’t. We disagree. We believe with the right mindset, environment and support anything can be achieved.


From helping, leaders rediscover why they are in business, to developing culture changes and business growth strategy we enable the fulfilment of potential.

Why We Exist


Our passion sits right in the middle of the art and science of strategy and execution.


All stories can be told easily with the right skills, but its the ability to collate all aspects of the story and drive an economic outcome that allows us to stand apart from others.


We don’t subscribe to the traditional agency model with layers of managers driven by the creative outcome. If the process is right, the result will be right. If you start with the creative, it is only merely one opinion of the correct outcome.


The reason we drive our business in this way is that an opinion is simply the perspective of one person. Focusing on human behaviour allows us to capture a wider audience.


As part of our strategy to build a strong business, we are very clear on where we can be successful so that our clients are successful long-term partners and not just another project. We believe a project is a transaction, but a partnership is a long-term vision to drive growth that benefits both parties.

Small Team, Large Impact


We believe in of depth, not success by volume when it comes to our family members. Each person is key to the of each project. So we don’t the size of our team to be successful but the ability to deliver a customer outcome for our clients.


The Team


Grant Difford
CEO + Head of CLient Strategy
Primary areas of experience are strategy and strategy implementation.


Paul Sills
Director and Head of Human Potential
Primary areas of experience are law, human behaviour, habit formation and human potential.


Cam Wilkes
Head of Digital Growth
Primary areas of experience are online conversion and digital strategy.


Natalia Kravtsun
Digital Producer
Primary area of experience is in the data analysis and campaign set up and optimisation. Fluent in Mandarin.


Angie Frires
Lead Creative
Our creative with significant ability in storytelling through static and moving image and narrative.


Henry Khov
Our up and coming star working with Angie to make the creative happen. With an eye for detail, language and a passion for getting it done.


Amy Difford
Employee Engagement & Events
Primary area of focus if turning purpose, value and culture into experiences, incentives and creating the unexpected for you and your team.

Planning – what works for you?


Forming good intentions and setting goals is certainly – at one level – committing to reaching a desired outcome or behaviour. The trouble is…

Grow your Business


The stereotypical response to growth is to hire more people, upgrade into a flash new office, open another store and increase the salary bill…

Join Us At Our Next Event


We love sharing our knowledge and experience to enable growth. Join us as we explore what it takes to be a good leader in an ever changing world.

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