DecoForme: Product Packaging.

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience the Hallmark Group embarked on a product extension strategy in the decorative products and architectural design space.

The DecoForme product packaging design was part of a long-term strategy of the Hallmark Group to introduce a new range of of decorative products.

Their goal being, to align themselves with leading edge and sustainable decorative products that enhance New Zealand commercial and residential properties.

The three year strategy of enhancing their ‘share of room’ is a diversification model using their current expertise and infrastructure to increase market share in new areas while leveraging their reputation and skills, leading to increased relevance in a developing market. The development of DecoForme was run alongside the development of PureMatte.

Product packaging design
Product packaging design
Product packaging design

DecoForme is the second of a new product range to be launched as part of this strategy, focusing on developing long term relationships with Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, and Joiners. The diversity of this new range has resulted in an evolution of the marketing and sales strategy of the group that previously relied on a traditional sales model.

The DecoForme brand strategy was developed using one-to-one market validation with the core audiences over 12 months before the development of the market offering. During that time, we worked with current and future clients to understand not only their needs, but those of their customers and how they interact in the design decision making process.

Product packaging design

The brand rollout included a full social and digital lead generation strategy and landing page that enable to the collection of qualified leads for sampling. The sampling was key to the success of the campaign as we knew that once in the hands of the end-user the appeal and quality of the product would enhance the conversion process.

Product packaging design
Product packaging design
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