Online Leadership


+ Re-discover your why
+ Create a practical roadmap for you
+ Accountability and support

We know that great businesses are built by great leaders, but those leaders must work on themselves as much as the business they lead.

Business can be tough, the day-to-day can leave you empty and unfulfilled, unless you have a north star that helps you focus your time, attention and energy on the right things.

Who needs a virtual leadership coach?

Founders leading a growing and evolving business that is not the same as it was when you started. As leaders we have to adapt and grow ourselves to continue to inspire those around us.

The role of a leadership coach is not to parrot leadership methodology, but to support you and guide you through moments of doubt, when the challenges seem insurmountable and the abundance of opportunity creates fear.

What will it cover?

In my time coaching a range of leaders I have found that the human element is the number one component to build success upon. My particular focuses through the coaching are:

+ Mapping and focusing on your core drivers
+ Building resilience through action
+ Deep trust and openness
+ Vulnerability without judgment

What do I get?

Coaching is about supporting and enabling others to find their own path based on your objective view of the situation. The key to any coaching relationship is the ability to be accountable, that’s where the real wins come from.

+ 2 x 1.5hr Zoom calls per month
+ 30 day accountability road map
+ Email access
+ Access to all digital leadership templates
+ Special rates on workshops/programs
+ Crisis calls – when you just need to get perspective


Our initial coaching period is recommended over 90 days or 3 months. This is a key time period to start to see significant change in you and your business.

We also believe this will be long enough for the relationship to build trust and create an enduring understanding of how you like to be coached.

The key to success comes down to your ability to deliver on your vision for yourself and your team. Get it right in you, you get it right in them.

Spots are limited and coaching will not be offered to leaders in competing industries.

*All insights shared will be in the strictest of confidence. We will advise if there is any conflict of interest with other parties.

Virtual Leadership Coaching by Waking Giants

$495 + gst* Per month.

*Where applicable. Paid monthly in advance. 3 months minimum. Apply via the form below.

“Grant is awesome. After we worked together on some big strategic decisions, I have closed on 5 new clients in the last 5 weeks and my pipeline is still full, in no small part due to Grant’s help and support. We’ve started something special and I am in for his coaching as long as he’s offering it.”

Dan Lacey,
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SIDA Consulting Brand Identity

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