How effective is your marketing strategy?

Are you reaching the right customers in the right places at the right times?

Marketing Strategy Plan
Marketing Strategy Customer Experience

Marketing Strategy.

Not everyone is your customer!

Time again we see businesses stretch themselves too far when it comes to their marketing strategy. Trying every concept/every channel and seeing mixed results at best, but what are they getting wrong? Their understanding of their customer.

Great marketing is informed by the needs of the customer and your ability to fulfil that need. It has nothing to do with Google or TV ads, it is all about the value you can bring in their moment of need.

Understanding their need for your product at the right price, at the right time and through a mechanism they want to engage with.

How can your marketing strategy deliver results?

Marketing strategy not performing?

Are you currently using tactics to reach your audience without understanding their needs and how you can fulfil them? What are you missing from your marketing strategy?

Marketing Strategy

  • Value proposition.

  • Brand promise.

  • Target market.

  • Marketing channels.

  • Pricing strategy.

  • KPIs.

  • Competitive advantage.

  • Messaging.

Marketing Plan/Tactics

  • Content strategy.

  • Events and activations.

  • Influencers/ambassadors.

  • Search engine optimisation.

  • Search engine marketing.

  • Leverage/partnerships.

  • TV, Radio, Print.

  • Podcasts, video.

  • Social media marketing.

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The secrets of a successful marketing strategy.

Firstly there are no secrets. There are only three things you need to focus on; know your customer, effectively communicate your value, measure what works and adapt.

Use Data Not Opinion

You need to measure what works, nostalgia doesn’t pay the bills.

Review Regularly

Don’t be scared to trial things to get data, fail fast, learn fast.

Don’t Ignore Change

Not all strategies and channels will work forever, don’t get caught out.

Listen To Your Customer

If you expect them to spend their money with you, listen to them.

Time to take action.

Our approach to marketing strategy is to focus on the core needs of the customer – what they want and what you can deliver, then we bring you together.

Brand Strategy

Do you need to realise the value of your brand and communicate it?

Strategic Planning

Do you need clarity on where your business is and where it is heading?

1035% Growth, With Running Socks.

Leveraging customer-centric strategies

If you think great customer service is too much effort check the Google Reviews for Ronhill New Zealand. In 2020 the brand was achieving a small income of $400 per month, well under what it should have been delivering.

Starting with the audience analysis we identified that we needed a low-cost purchase to engage them in this previously relatively unknown brand. With socks being a recurring purchase we knew we would be able to develop a strong lifetime value for those customers and leverage that sale to encourage them to try the running clothing. We focused our energy on brand building through amazing customer service.

The net result was turning a business with $16,000 revenue into $93,000 within 12 months, all because we created a strong customer focus early. For the full case study watch our Sock Strategy Webinar here where we outline the 20 tactics we used to drive growth.

Sock Strategy - Ronhill New Zealand

Insights: Growing together.

We’ve been there from the start with John and Candor³ and grown together. The most important thing for John is the intangible value we can provide when it comes to strategic thinking and delving deep below the surface. Hear from John >

John Gardiner

Managing Director, Candor³

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