You Need To Love Your Business!

It’s not weird. It’s called purpose.

#1. Get out of your head, it’s scary in there.

As a lone leader I bet you spend a lot of time ponder and dwelling on, well, everything. If you don’t have someone to confide in grab a pen and a pad and let it all out.

It doesn’t have to have to be Shakespeare, solution based or even make sense, but what it does it reduce the self talk and give you some perspective. Especially late at night!

#2. Decide what not to do.

When you are leading alone you have the longest to do list in the world. Bin it.

For everything on the list ask – ‘If I do this today, will it make tomorrow easier?’ If it does, do it, if it doesn’t, scrape it.

Less, but better.

#3. Decide if you want to be rich.

Time rich! Stop scrolling social media and the business sections and have the courage to ask what YOU want. Not what you think you want.

Only you are living your life. Pick the best of the best out there and create your thing. Set your own rules.

The ultimate richness is choice. Do you currently have enough choices?

ARTICLE: Are you in a toxic relationship with your business?

We think of business in terms of numbers – revenues, profits, customers and market share.

But what if we thought of it as a relationship that had needs, feelings and we had to reset expectations now and then?

Full Read – 8 Mins

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