Suck at something new for a while.

It’s better than being left behind.

#1. Don’t run through walls alone.

When we want to break down barriers, sometimes we need help. Someone that has the strength to be on our side no matter the repercussions.

#2. Relevancy creates longevity.

Don’t wait to change. Be constantly learning and constantly adding value to yourself and those around you.

#3. Something borrowed, not new.

We don’t always need new solutions; that’s the fuel of our egos.

99% of the time, the solution already exists; we need to allow ourselves the space to let it rise to the surface or ask for help.

ARTICLE: Look For Hidden Figures

The new course may be risky and unknown, but you are likely not the first to encounter this issue; look to prior knowledge to create a new path for you.

Regardless of your life or business, the ability to continuously ask new questions will inevitably create new outcomes.

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