Your leadership will define the success of your organisation.

Leadership and culture come hand in hand. It’s down to you to set the tone.

Leadership by Waking Giants

Don’t fear leadership.

You can be a great leader if you choose.

As the demands of the workforce evolve and change, the skills of business leaders will become increasingly important. No longer can you build a business from a spreadsheet and production units.

The key to effective leadership is to challenge your motivators and behaviours and how they impact those that you lead. Great leaders understand both their influence and themselves and must learn how to maximise those traits to guide and support others.

How can you develop as a leader?

Learn About Leadership Coaching

What do we do that’s different?

Leadership comes with too many labels that serve leaders in the wrong way. Are you this type of leader, what is your personality saying about your leadership and how do you serve your people.

Leadership is challenging enough without all of the complexity. We believe a focus on four core areas will help you be the leader you want to be and your people deserve.

Focus On Your Story

You don’t need to follow, you need to lead your own path.

Find Your Why

If you are going to commit to the journey, understand your why.

Measure What Matters

Not all goals are equal, we focus on you the change makers.

We Don’t Judge

No matter where you are, progress is the priority.

Leadership Resilience and Influence

Insights: Different Influences.

Working with the senior learning team at Deloitte New Zealand we presented on two core leadership subjects, Resilience and Influence In A Digital World as part of their professional development program. Rated as being one of the top 5 of their annual learning programs, we were able to bring a fresh perspective on modern leadership.

Leadership Coaching and Workshops.

Our approach to leadership focuses on the core need of the person or the team – understanding the current leadership strengths and weaknesses or looking for future capability needs.

Business Owners

Do you feel like you are going it alone and need to develop your capability?

Leadership Coaching

Are you overwhelmed with your current leadership commitments?

Leadership Training

Are you in a growth phase and need to develop your team?

Leadership Programs

Do you want to support your teams’ ongoing leadership development?

Insights: Understanding Culture.

A company with three diverse brands but blended teams and lots of crossovers, NZ Underwriting Agencies wanted to get to the heart of what they were all about. Four facilitated workshops over two days enabled the senior leadership to hear from their entire team about what makes their culture special. With a few surprises along the way.

Leadership Workshops

Leadership Guides The Numbers.

Creating a borderless strategy

Developing your leadership is not only for when times get tough, but when the opportunity in front of you can feel overwhelming. This was the case for a large privately owned removals business based in Australia. At times there was simply too much to deal with, people, challenges and new business, all taking their toll on the current team.

We worked with the current senior leadership team to understand their biggest challenges and why they were holding them back. This was a lesson in discipline and cooperation, all parties needed to understand their strengths, drop their egos and understand that working together would be our greatest asset.

In two short months, we saw record numbers, fewer internal challenges and a greater understanding of what was possible with what resources we had. We often overcomplicate what needs to be done and that’s our only barrier, our mindset.

Borderless Strategy
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