Leadership Training for your team.

Investing in your team’s leadership capabilities creates a culture of accountability.

Leadership training for your team
Leadership Training Conversations

Leadership Training.

Develop your future leaders, today.

The best way to build a high performing culture is to invest in the leadership capabilities of your team. They may not currently be in a leadership role, but the skills and lessons learned will enhance any culture.

More importantly, those skills translate into their personal lives. With a deeper understanding of their purpose, embracing self-awareness and embarking on challenges, personal fulfilment and relationships will all be enhanced.

To invest in your people is to invest in society.

How can leadership training benefit your team and your business?

How we create a culture of leaders.

Imagine a culture where you witness leadership as a natural behaviour.

A culture of leaders:

  • Understands their role in the team.

  • Are able to act upon feedback.

  • Maintain a growth mindset.

  • Practice self-awareness.

  • Are able to connect on multiple levels.

  • Will seek and receive support.

  • Are able to share success.

  • Pratice accountability.

  • Are able to personal and work needs.

  • Able to share insights and ideas.

  • Get support from peers and other leaders.

  • Culture of personal and professional growth.

  • Are mission led.

  • Create open communication.

A culture of individuals:

  • Lack of accountability.

  • Focus on their own needs.

  • Lack of cohesion.

  • Protect their position.

  • Fixed mindset.

  • Limited communication.

  • No tangible culture.

Do you want to develop a culture of leaders?

We can help you develop a culture of leadership and purpose.

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How do we start to create a culture of leadership?

Like any meaningful strategy, you need to know where you are to understand where you can go. We will support the discovery process and guide you towards an actionable leadership strategy.


Review your biggest challenges and identify your opportunities.

Engage With Your Team

Create an open and safe forum to share insights and define what they want for the future.

Develop The Framework

Outline the goals of you and your team. Create a measurable action plan of delivery.

Take Action

Visualise and communicate the plan, implement in your daily rhythm and measure results.

Insights: Understanding Culture.

A company with three diverse brands but blended teams and lots of crossovers, NZ Underwriting Agencies wanted to get to the heart of what they were all about. Four facilitated workshops over two days enabled the senior leadership to hear from their entire team about what makes their culture special. With a few surprises along the way.

Leadership Workshops

Time to take action.

Our approach to leadership focuses on the core need of the person or the team – understanding the current leadership strengths and weaknesses or looking for future capability needs.

Leadership Coaching

Make the decision to move forward with a leadership coach today.

Strategic Planning

Do you need clarity on where your business is and where it is heading?