Being an effective leader means working on yourself as much as your team.

Only 18% of organizations say their leaders are “very effective” at meeting business goals.


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Everyone can be a great leader. When we start businesses we often do what we know how to do, rather than solve a problem. To move from a technician to an entrepreneur gives you a platform to support outcomes rather than create them.


As the demands of the workforce evolve and change, the skills of business leaders will become increasingly important. No longer can you build a business from a spreadsheet and production units. Your people will continue to be your greatest asset and they are looking to you to lead from the front. Are you ready? Do you have the skills? Do you have a clear vision to share?



We help you define where the gaps are in your own growth and what is required to meet your business goals. Our findthe_gaps platform helps you uncover your potential and identify barriers.



In our experience the leaders we have worked with can’t see the wood from the trees. Their own biases, experiences and self-doubt create a barrier to growth and developing a growth mindset. Businesses change when leaders change.



There will be a time where your business will outgrow your personal skills. This is where leadership will become critical as you grow your team and your need to trust others to be part of your vision will be essential.



When you have clarity around what you want from your business, it is then easier to build a team around you that helps you deliver on that vision. This provides clarity in those moments of doubt.



As part of developing a vision for your life and your business, you will need a set of values that you can hold yourself, business and customer accountable too. These ‘rules’ create a framework to make both short and long term decisions.



Being an effective leader isn’t just about the top or bottom line, but the impact you have on those around you both positively and negatively. By breaking down what you want to achieve into specific goals you can hold yourself more accountable.

Are humans just a minimum viable product just trying to meet the market need?


Those who maintain a fixed mindset through life (the overwhelming majority) do not try and go from Minimum to Maximum.

Authentic Communication – What to say, what to say?


A reporter once asked Gandhi’s wife how it was possible for her husband to give such long public speeches without any notes or references…

I want to become a better leader…

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