Lead Generation Online


+ Identify core audience online
+ Campaign setup & management
+ Automated sales funnels & nurturing

Don’t sell a product or service, instead, help solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Our online lead generation program is designed with the answers to your customers problems. It enables you to connect with the right customers at scale, online, 24/7.

Who is the program for?

For founders or leadership teams that are looking to scale their sales leads online. It is not about being everywhere, but being where your core customers can make a purchase from you.

The Program

STEP ONE: Identify Customer Pain

Understand how to convey the value in your product or service to your customers beyond price. But through trust, branding and social proof.
By identifying what the core pain point your offering solves, we are able to communicate value upfront, before a transaction has even been considered. Key to the process is also to review what the competition is doing and identify missed opportunity that you can benefit from.

+ Keyword research
+ Content development and offers*
+ Competitor analysis
+ Identify customer segments

STEP TWO: Know Your Channels

In this step we identify where your customers “hang out” online and the tone and language that will resonate and attract them to your brand. This ensures we chose the correct channels to engage your potential customers and guide them towards a conversion.

+ Client channel identification
+ Media budgets established*

STEP THREE: Create Online Strategy Roadmap

Based on the data from your customer and channel analysis, it’s time to create your lead generation strategy. This includes your audience journey, campaign timelines and messaging.

+ Strategic plan
+ Traffic funnel flow/journey
+ Campaign setup**
+ Messaging
+ Launch campaign

STEP FOUR: Analyse Your Numbers

Once your campaign has launched we will start analysing the data from your lead generation activity. It is critical to understand what the data is telling you. Then using that information to optimise your campaigns is where the magic happens.

+ Analyse campaign data
+ Optimise campaign
+ Campaign reporting against kpis

STEP FIVE: Ongoing Management

Campaigns can be managed and optimised on a longer term basis. This enables the identification of new audiences, new keyword trends, new platforms, and the ongoing management of where media budgets are best utilised. We recommend campaigns to be focused on a three month timeline minimum. As you know more about your market, you can adapt and increase your competitive advantage at pace.

+ Ongoing campaign management***

*Budgets will be recommended but are ultimately decided by you. **At this stage we do not know what key assets you will require to be delivered (if any). This will be quoted more accurately as part of the strategy roadmap. ***Ongoing campaign management is optional.
Lead Generation Online
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“From day one Grant and his team have been exceptional in our journey to increase and develop new brands, and the concepts that they have created have exceeded all our original expectations.”

Braden Hickmott, Hallmark Group

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