Know What You Want.

Or someone else will decide for you.

#1. Edit Your Tribe.

If weak, uninspiring people surround you; you need to take action. We only grow when we are surrounded by challenge, support and aspiration. Don’t fail by osmosis.

#2. Don’t Play The 90/10 Rule.

What is the 90/10 rule, you ask? It’s the method we all use to spend 90% of our energy worrying about something that can be solved with 10% of our energy.

#3. Our Imperfection Is Our Strength.

When we are self-aware enough to understand we are NOT perfect, we allow ourselves to ask what can we do to grow, improve and be 1% better each day.

ARTICLE: The Goal Is Irrelevant

When it comes to setting goals for yourself or your business, it might be time for a change in thinking.

Full Read – 2 Mins

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