How Do We Work?

With our aim to make leadership and strategy easy, we have developed a mindset and process that help you cut right to the solution.

Strategic Planning Process by Waking Giants

Our Methodology.

We believe the greatest attribute we bring to your business is our ability to take complex challenges and opportunities and make them simple.

Whether it be leadership, strategy or the implementation of a new brand strategy, everything can be broken down and communicated so that all parties involved feel educated and engaged with the process. Our job is to guide and support your journey with us.

The tangible value we add is the ability to look inside your business and see the value that you can’t.

Strategy Conversation

The Process.

We uncover the real challenge that you are facing.

Over the past 10 years, we have been able to identify that many business owners tend to try and solve the wrong problem. It’s not really a surprise when you have so many things to manage and you are bombarded every day with ‘new’ concepts and methods to grow.

90% of the time when we are engaged our first value add is to reframe the perceived challenge in the client’s mind and point them towards the right objective.

We see expensive rebrands done when the issue is sales, poor results when leadership is misaligned, the list goes on.


We look at where your challenge lies, within your people or within your processes.


Are your leadership and people aligned?


Are you doing the right things for the right reasons?


We work with you to redefine what you are trying to solve to align expecations.


Are you clear on where you are heading?

Buy In

Do you have alignment from all parties involved?


Now you have everyone on board and clarity, we develop the plan and take action.


Do you have the right objectives in place?


Are you using the right tools and resources to take action?

Measure What Matters.

Now you have everyone on board and clarity, we develop the plan and take action.


Who will drive the process and own it?


Are you measuring and refining the right things?

Time to take action.

Our approach starts right at the top with the leader or the strategy and then we track down the process towards the right actions and results.


Does your challenge or opportunity start with people?


Does your challenge or opportunity start with process?