Give Yourself A Damn Break.

You ARE making progress. No matter how small.

#1. Your Harshest Critic, Is You.

Every day you let your ego take over, you lose. Redefine what good looks like and accept that perfection is a myth.

#2. You Are A Work In Progress.

We all are. If you are asking new questions each day, challenging your very existence, you are already ahead of the rest.

#3. FFS. Accept The Win.

Don’t ruminate on what could have been better. Take the damn win, accept it, and celebrate a little. Then take the lessons and go again.

ARTICLE: Having A Shit Week? Read This!

There is no doubt that you are further along than you realise. But that voice in your head hounds you, tortures you, that you are not enough, you haven’t come far enough.

Full Read – 2 Mins

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