Don’t be distracted by the concept that growth is defined by money. Money is a by-product of growth.

Growth, in some curious way, I suspect, depends on being always in motion just a little bit, one way or another.


Norman Mailer

What does growth look like for you? Its the first question we ask when we work with leaders and their businesses. Because that starts the journey of understanding what is truly important and the growth strategy required.


It may seem odd that we challenge what growth looks like but it is important to understand that not all growth, in the first instance is related to money. If you do not grow as a leader, how are you to support and nurture a growing team? If you aimlessly ‘double’ your business, what pressure are you putting on current systems?


Growth comes in many shapes and sizes and it should be driven by your goals and purpose. Considered, sustainable and strategic growth allows you to move forward while reducing the risks associated with speed.



A growth mindset allows you to look at your life and your business in a way that focuses on learning and not defeat. Create an environment to identify opportunity and a strategic plan to deliver.



Culture is the magic bullet for growth. If you have a high turnover of talent and a disengaged workforce, then that starts with your company culture and ultimately with your leadership.



Once you have your leadership, culture and processes nailed, then you are set to ramp up sales. Developing leads and therefore sales through the right channels is critical and has to be sustainable.



Are you in an industry that is resistant to disruption but it is happening all around you? Disruption starts within your business and your culture. Complacency will be your biggest downfall if you adopt the catch cry of – ‘We’ve always done it that way’.



When you look at productivity the spreadsheets will only tell you one half of the story. To really understand what is going on you have to know what questions to ask, why you are asking them and what outcomes you are looking for.



If you understand that your business and therefore strategy is a living, breathing thing. Then regular reviews of your growth strategy are critical success, daily, weekly, monthly, all will keep you focused and on track.

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How do you want to grow?

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