Time moves on. Language changes. Culture evolves. Technology disrupts. And new industries emerge as others become obsolete – growth is a choice.

It’s both an exciting and volatile time to be in business – who would have thought such a trusted and established business like Dick Smith could face such challenges or that the Taxi industry would encounter such rapid and innovative competition?

Uber has been brilliant at changing the language to benefit their business and cause: they don’t talk about being a taxi firm but a technology company, their drivers aren’t employees but partners who run their own schedules and pay their own income and GST taxes. A change of language is one of the most powerful tools in a companies’ depository and goes far beyond ‘marketing-speak’.

In the past by Waking Giants labelled ourselves around the creative outcomes that guided growth for our clients. But this was always peripheral to the central question around purpose and growth: where do you want to be in 5 years’ time and how can we help you get there? Having walked hand-in-hand with many clients on their path to a better future we know where the real value lies: enabling businesses to identify opportunities to become more efficient, more focused, and more profitable. This is where we now sit, using a pragmatic approach and the application of design thinking to develop a cohesive strategy and implement each step. Ultimately, our vision is to design your growth.

It was Chris Sacca, one of the most successful Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley, who correctly identified how: “ideas are cheap, execution is everything”. This pragmatism is how we see the world, putting all ideas on the table, opening up real discussion, and getting the job done. We understand that business owners and key management often need a different angle, a different point of view, to broaden the arc of growth possibility. Design thinking has no predefined outcomes, just as designing a brand for your company could entail several creative and highly effective options.

We still possess this in-house creative expertise, but our real strength is our ability to connect the dots in any platform across any industry. Serious players know the power of network effects – which is why PayPal founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel sees it as one of the ways to achieve market monopoly (the innovative type of monopoly like Google). The old dictum: ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ can be crucial for rolling out a successful long term strategy that has many moving parts.  Implicit in our model is one of trust and integrity.

Our values outline that together we must grow, embrace change, believe in no boundaries, and think long-term – last mover advantage. Longevity in business is becoming harder in the disruptive economy, so if you’re reading this and know there’s more to your business and purpose and you feel it in your gut, do something – the rest of the world won’t wait.

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