The Lone Leader Weekly

24th May 2023

You Have The Time.

But you also have no time at all.

#1. Being Busy Is A Decision.

Being productive requires strategy.

#2. If You Are Not Good. 

The business is not good.

#3. Simplicity Creates Friction.

Because it leaves nowhere for your excuses to hide.

If we don’t find the capacity to grow. We take root.

Look, let’s just have a damn hard talk about your capacity.

You are busy; you are not productive.

If you sit down and map the past 24 hours, how many hours of leakage do you see?

No seriously.

Make a list of every hour and task, and I bet you will find the time.

Unless you are a doctor on an 18 hours shift with a solid 6 hours to sleep, you have time.

We are all victims of the busy mentality.

But that’s on us.

  • Not Facebook
  • Not the news
  • Not the government
  • Not our willpower
  • Not our bank account
  • Not our family.

We are deciding to waste time. Time we actually don’t have.

You’ve had a good run if you get a solid 70-80 years on this planet.

Why in the hell would we spend a large chunk of those 70 years:

  • Arguing with strangers on social media
  • Reading the ‘news’
  • Comparing ourselves with others
  • Doing a job we hate
  • Hanging out with people who don’t challenge us
  • Working with clients who won’t pay.

Why. Why. Why?

Because we have become afraid of the friction that simplicity brings to our lives.

Boredom, staring into space, silence, planning what we actually want.

I don’t know how many times per week business owners tell me they are too busy. I call bullshit.

Design what you do with your time. Live with intent.

  • Decide when you WANT  to work
  • Decide when you WANT to play
  • Decide when you WANT to say yes
  • Decide when you WANT to say no.

By making decisions based on purpose, you suddenly free yourself from the trap of being busy and become more fulfilled and productive.

  • Find 30mins, and you can run 5km
  • Find 1 hour and you can cook a meal
  • Find 45mins and you can play two rounds of MarioKart with your kid
  • Find 15mins and you can call a friend and ask how they are doing
  • Find 30secs and you can text a message to someone saying you love them.

By finding just three wasted hours in 24 to do these simple things, I bet life will feel a whole lot better!

So what’s your excuse?

Until next week, TAKE THE TIME BACK!


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