Fight The Battle. Win The War.

But choose the right battles and the right war.

#1. You Are Only At War With You.

When we deeply reflect on our true presence, we must realise that we are our fiercest enemy and greatest ally.

#2. Conflict Is Often Own Own Story.

We spend much of our time fighting with the other person or the voice in our heads. It’s not real; it’s our brains trying to limit our potential for risk.

#3. If It Is Meant To Be. It Will Be.

Many of us have some faith in humanity, a God, or the Universe. But why? Because we want to believe in something greater than our fragile bodies. That we can become more than we could possibly imagine. And that scares us.

ARTICLE: At War With My Identity

As Lone Leaders, we put ourselves under daily pressure to fight an unseeable enemy that we can never win against.

Full Read – 2 Mins

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