Take the learning from any defeat.

That’s where all growth lies.

#1. Let your insecurity be your fuel.

If you are afraid to be alone, bring people together, fearful that you have nothing to say, tell stories. Most of all don’t let them fuel regret.

#2. Look back with curiosity.

No matter how far you have come, explore what got you here. You are a better person from those experiences so use them to create a better future.

#3. New Year new you?

Unlikely. Use the New Year as the next start line if you need motivation, but as soon as the sun rises each day you get to start all over again.

ARTICLE: How To Find Purpose In Your Leadership

Leadership is about more than simply exerting influence over others. It’s also about having a clear sense of purpose and using that purpose to guide your actions.

Full Read – 4 Mins

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