Yes, that’s right, it’s the time of year when you start to see images of holly and twinkling lights sneak their way into your lives as companies begin to push their venues as the ideal place to host your festive function. And, sadly, it is true that many of the popular choices will start to get booked up pretty fast from here on in, so you may need to start thinking about your options.

Does it need to be a dreaded chore though? A trivial task that sits towards the bottom of your ‘to do’ list for the next 3 months, left as a low priority item which results in the same harbour boat cruise or beach BBQ that eventuates every year? The simple answer is no. Not only are there a huge variety of interesting and fun activities waiting to be explored, there are also people, like us, who can plan the entire event for you, down to every last detail.

What makes our approach to your team activity different is exactly that, we see it as an activity for your team. After an initial catch up, our next step is to engage with all team members who will be taking part in the event. Our aim is to find out what individuals expect to achieve from the activity, what makes them tick, and what they will engage with and enjoy. There is no point in spending money on something that leaves your team uninspired, flat or even resentful. By gathering at that great information and understanding what is important to them, we are able to offer a range of fully customised event/experience options that are truly aligned with the values of your company.

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With a focus on enjoyment and fun as a given, we also firmly believe that any team building activity should offer learning opportunities, not only for you as a leader, but also for the individuals taking part. Stepping outside a comfort zone or trying a new challenge can be a fantastic way to learn unexpected things about yourself and also the team around you. Strengths and weaknesses that were previously undiscovered suddenly become apparent and provide essential insights into how your business can develop and grow.

Christmas is of course the time of year that most companies look to hold an event with their team, usually as a thank you for a full year of hard work. This makes good sense, but why does it have to be that way? Take a look around your company now. How is morale? How are the energy levels? This is the time of year when people can start to fade a little, winter bugs kick in and fatigue can be present. Think of the positive impact a team building activity would have on your workplace over the winter months. It may be that you simply have a few fun hours together over a lunch or dinner. Or maybe you take it further and have a full day that includes a wellness activity, followed by a learning workshop.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to engaging with your staff, both in terms of what can be done and also what the outcomes can be. Let us help you to create a memorable event that doesn’t feel like a last-minute token gesture and provides unexpected results for everyone involved.

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