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✓  Identify Your Perfect Customer
  Understand Their Pains & Desires
  Solve Their Problems & Serve Them

By seeing the world as your customer sees it, you are able to identify with their pains, desires and passions and create your messaging accordingly. You need to ensure your marketing is customer-centric instead of being focused on your business.

“Enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.”

Robert Collier

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Know Your Customer Intimately

Once you have a clear representation of who the ideal person to buy your products and services is, it’s much easier to find them and present them with a message that moves them to take action.
This proven Customer Avatar Workbook will help you get clear on who you’re selling to.
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What Are The 3 Pillars of Business Success?



Great leaders work on themselves to enable them to deliver the right support for their team and service for their clients.



Whether Growth Strategy, Brand Strategy or Marketing Strategy, none are any good without being backed up with decisive execution.

Brand Strategy


As communication channels become more abundant brand will play an increasingly important part in your business success.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I’d highly recommend Waking Giants.

The value that they add in terms of the strategy and the thinking is immeasurable – It’s not just a marketing exercise for Waking Giants, it’s the value add in the background.

They’ve added a lot of value in this business.

John Gardiner

We have used Waking Giants for 4 years now, and have found the experience and outcomes exceeding our expectations.

Clear ‘out of the box’ strategic thinking has challenged us and led us to develop better strategies for the business and marketing approach.

Chris Thomas
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