Creating Your
Vision & Values


+ Re-discover why you are in business
+ Create a vision document that connects
+ Create resilience through your actions

Having a true connection between your personal and business vision enables your super powers under any circumstances.

Our vision and values workshop is designed to help you reset your passion for your life and business.

Business can be tough, the day-to-day can leave you empty and unfulfilled, unless you have a north star that helps you focus your time, attention and energy on the right things.

Who is the workshop for?

For founders leading a growing and evolving business that is not the same as it was when you started. As leaders we have to adapt, grow and develop ourselves to continue to inspire those around us.

This workshop is about taking time out to reconnect with whats important to you and where you are going. The impact on your personal and business life will be significant with such clarity.

The Workshop

STEP ONE: Self Awareness Audit

The first step involves getting to know your current status, your vision if you have one and where you think you want to be in 3/5/10 years.

+ Including vision/values S.W.O.T process

STEP TWO: Looking into the future

Now we have a status check-in we can start to formulate what the future can look like and how that affects you, your family and business.

+ Explore what is missing and what fills the gaps
+ Explore why they are important to you
+ Understand what business as usual would mean to you.

STEP THREE: Visualising the future

With a clear view of what the future can look like we will take you through the process of feeling that outcome and documenting the steps to create those outcomes.

+ Mapping your vision board
+ Mapping your 10 year – Personal, Family & Business funnel
+ Create your accountability framework.


Each of the three steps will be delivered within a 3.5 hour workshop in person. (It is possible to do remotely but we believe that the human connection is stronger in person).


You will complete the session with a series of documents and insights that will allow you to create a pathway forward towards fulfillment that you can apply to your leadership life and therefore anyone you may influence.*

Creating Your Vision And Values
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