Creating A Brand Strategy


+ Auditing your brand positioning
+ Define your strategy and audiences
+ Map the discovery into action

Think of your brand strategy as the story you are telling your customers.

Our brand strategy creation workshop has been developed for founders and leaders that feel their brand isn’t connecting as effectively as it can with key stakeholders.

When you are leading a business through change it is easy to take your eye off the ball and operate within business as usual. But the health of your brand is critical for you, your team and your customers.

The heartbeat of your brand should be felt throughout your entire organisation. From your customer feedback to the impression you leave when a customer interacts with you.

Who is the workshop for?

For founders or leadership teams that see potential in a current brand that is not being realised. Not a new identity but an alignment of what your brand strategy is and how it can be reinforced and strengthened.

The Workshop

STEP ONE: Brand Audit

The first step involves getting to know your current vision, your industry, your competition and your potential customers. This is an internal audit of your brand, your perceptions, feedback and your S.W.O.T.

+ 2.5hr Workshop including brand S.W.O.T.
+ Discover potential customers and strategies

STEP TWO: Customer Brand Audit

If you are not currently engaging your customer base we will work with you to engage with a range of your customers to understand where they see your brand currently through interviews or surveys.

+ Discovery process through online questionnaires
+ Discovery process through interviews (as required)
+ Audit and reporting on findings aligned to company brand strategy

STEP THREE: Brand Strategy Framework

Taking into account all of the data collected we will create an overarching brand strategy framework that will enable you to align your messaging and strategy to your business goals.

We will take you through the framework with key stakeholders during a facilitated workshop so you can dig into the new opportunities and understand the future opportunities.

+ Audit reporting
+ Brand strategy workshop
+ Overview of key tactics and strategies possible
+ Go-forward recommendations for brand repositioning and rollout support.

The tools used to obtain the data will be dependent on your current access to information. These costs will be outlined based on your needs.
Creating A Brand Strategy
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“From day one Grant and his team have been exceptional in our journey to increase and develop new brands, and the concepts that they have created have exceeded all our original expectations.”

Braden Hickmott, Hallmark Group

Build a brand they can’t ignore.

Defining Your Brand Values


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