Company culture is something that will drive success or failure and should be nurtured endlessly.

94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.



Culture is a competitive advantage. Your company culture cannot be ignored or disregarded as ‘more’ cost. To retain and attract great people, you have to create a great company.


As a leader, it is your job to create a vision and environment that nurtures natural talent, be purposeful and create a space for disruption and new ideas to thrive.


When you are clear on your company purpose, values and mission, then you can be accountable for creating a business that can have a significant impact on your bottom line and ability to retain the right people.



When you document and share your vision for your company growth starts to happen naturally. This allows you to create a roadmap to success.



When we use traditional methods to ‘review’ our staff we miss the fundamentals of what makes the person tick. When did you last ask each member of your team what actually makes their heart sing?



When it comes to productivity and success there is no one rule that fits all. From the work environment, leadership, support and personal growth opportunities you need a create a recipe to meet the needs of each person.



Company values are not fluffy words that live on a poster in the staff room. They are a set of agreed rules that you can hold all parties involved in your business accountable too, including your clients.



Is it isn’t posters what is the manifestation of culture? It’s everything from the way you treat each other, the design of your environment, meeting rhythms, events communication policy and those times where you get to just hang out.



Don’t lose sight of the impact that time away from the working environment can have on relationships and identifying hidden talent. When you can bridge the gap between the ‘work’ and ‘home’ – we see authentic engagement.

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