Do you need a communication strategy?

Communication is the most critical tool for any business growing with purpose.

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Communication Strategy.

What we communicate impacts what action we see.

If you want to be an effective communicator as a leader or as an organisation you must be able to identify the type of message and the delivery mechanism that will deliver the most impact to the recipient.

Beyond the tools that we use such as non-verbal cues and words, we are communicating through our actions and our responses. Our emotions and intent will form the direction and potential outcome you will receive.

With such a high level of communication being undertaken every day through personal, and professional relationships, through interpersonal and external like social media, communication is a critical tool in growing your business.

How can you communicate more effectively?

Need a clear communications strategy?

All aspects of your leadership and business will be affected by leadership, so you may as well get it right. Develop your skills and those of your team to enable them to deliver the right information at the right time for the most impact.

Internal Communications

  • Purpose.

  • Culture.

  • Value proposition.

  • Brand promise.

  • Target market.

  • Communication objectives.

  • Communication channels.

  • Accountability.

  • Impact/Results.

External Communications

  • Key audiences.

  • External brand communications.

  • Tone of voice.

  • Market influencers.

  • Customer experience.

  • Communication metrics.

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Communications touch every corner of your business.

We don’t see your communications strategy as a PR exercise. We believe you need to look at all aspects, from your vision to your daily management meetings and integrate it with your brand strategy and strategic planning processes.

Leadership Communications

Are you effectively communicating your vision to your team?

Internal Communications

Do you enable effective communication between your team?

Customer Communications

Do you effectively communicate with your customers?

Market Communications

Does the market understand the value and impact you bring?

Insights: Everybody Is On A Journey.

What started as a simple website project several years ago has become an enduring relationship based on collaboration. They had a great brand and great people, but they knew they had more opportunities to improve. Their key win was being enabled to take a more strategic approach and then knowing what to do about it.

Providing a fresh perspective, focus, long-term results and being able to get the best out of the resources they have. Hear from Raymond >

Raymond Laursen

Sales & Innovation Manager, Conroy Australia

Time to take action.

Our approach to brand strategy is to focus on the core needs of the business – understanding the current strengths and weaknesses or looking for future growth opportunities.

Brand Strategy

Do you need to realise the value of your brand and communicate it?

Strategic Planning

Do you need clarity on where your business is and where it is heading?

Find your voice.

People want to hear what you have to say

If you asked us if we coach leaders to use LinkedIn it would be a resounding no. But when we work with leaders that we can see potential in, we identify all of the tools that can get them to their goals.

Over the past 12 months, we have coached two successful business owners that are paving the way for their respective industries on building their brands online.

To say they were nervous at first is an understatement, it took a lot of support and coaching to get them to the start line because they felt they didn’t have anything valuable to share.

But with the right ideas, and structure they were about to embrace a new platform and a new way of telling their story. One generated over 50,000 views of their first post (And continued to do so) and got the attention of globals CEOs interested in working with them. But the real win is the confidence they gained in their ability to lead their industries.

Real-world results followed quickly and it soon became a tool to share their vision and grow their businesses. Focused and consistent application, nothing more.

Don’t get me wrong, we did coach LinkedIn strategy, but more importantly, we shone a light on their potential and got them to the start line.

LinkedIn Coaching

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