SIDA: Creating a compelling brand story that conveys the essence of the business.

The SIDA brand marks are abstract representations of change and growth from the inside out.

When one of our clients decided to go out on their own and start consulting agency SIDA Consulting, they turned to us for help with the branding.

Having worked with us in the past helped them put together a detailed brief with every piece of information they had about the business, from the values to the purpose, the personality to the behaviours and every other piece of information which was imperative to creating a brand that really encaptured the essence of their business.

The brand was created by first consulting with the client to talk through her brief and really verify we interpreted her business correctly. From there we put together a mood board of ideas and created a brand story. The story reflected the very core idea of the business and was essential to creating the branding. The brand and the story are both as important as each other, they tell a story about the business that leaves an impression with clients, reflecting all of the core business values and beliefs.

Based in Auckland, SIDA Consulting focuses on creating impactful change by providing strategic advice and guidance to organisations to co-design new visions for the future and tactical strategies for successful implementation. We created the SIDA branding and story to reflect these values.

The SIDA brand marks are abstract representations of change and growth from the inside out and were created from topographic depictions of the volcanos around Auckland: Rangitoto, Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill, Maungarei/Mount Wellington, Takarunga/Mount Victoria, Maungawhau/Mount Eden, Hinerau/Mount Hobson.

SIDA Brand Development-Auckland by Waking Giants
SIDA Branding Website Concept by Waking Giants

We saw the change that SIDA wanted to make as being similar to the field of Volcanos that Auckland sits on. Volcanoes which created and shaped the very landscape of the city it is today. Rupturing the earth to create massive disruption from its very core and throwing that change far and wide to impact significantly on its surroundings. From that disruption came growth. New beginnings, fertile new lands. Ash from volcanic eruptions is high in nutrients, creating rich soils for new life to grow.

Like these volcanoes, SIDA creates impactful change from the very core. Change that creates the soil for helping and supporting communities to grow. Using creative thinking, new solutions and ways of working to shape strategic vision, intent and outcomes for delivering impactful social change, SIDA develops the architecture to help organisations and agencies navigate complex and abstract issues and challenges, bringing clarity and developing strategic frameworks for implementation focused on achieving results. In short, turning ideas into action.

After creating the branding we were then able to deliver the client with a set of brand guidelines, document and presentation templates, web banners, logos and icons, business cards and social assets.

Are you a founder or partner looking to make significant change in your business?

We have a range of programs that breakdown and guide you through the key areas of Leadership, Strategy and Brand Strategy to support sustainable growth.

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North Shore Marathon Brand Development by Waking Giants
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PureMatte Product Development-and-Brand Strategy by Waking Giants
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