Ronhill: Bringing a 50year old brand to life for New Zealand Runners.

The Ronhill brand had a short and strong presence in New Zealand for a couple of years – run by one of the countries leading running events organisers. Due to circumstance and priorities, the brand was put to sleep for 2 years. However, it was not forgotten by its legion of fans.

We explored the potential of bringing this pure running brand back to become stronger than ever in New Zealand. And here we are today.

Ronhill is a specialist running brand formed in the UK in 1970 by Boston Marathon winner and legendary runner of the same name – Ron Hill.

Ronhill’s goal is to provide every runner, whether elite marathoners or Sunday enthusiasts, with the right kit and the inspiration to run every day. Ron Hill went on to run every day for over 52 years… now that’s unstoppable!

As they come to their 50th year in business, we have teamed up with the current New Zealand licensee to bring this well-loved and trusted brand back to the market and provide what runners really want; quality, durability, sustainability, and above all: the right fit.

Ronhill Branding
Ronhill Branding Running Gear
Ronhill Branding Womens Running Top

The relaunch strategy is based on a return to the user’s needs. By attending local and well-supported running events we endeavour to re-educate the market on why Ronhill is still a globally awarded running branded that meets the needs of runners and stays focused on its strengths.

Unlike many other ‘running’ brands who have diversified into a more fashion and accessory oriented strategy, Ronhill has stayed true to the quality and performance of its product, focusing on all runners, from entry-level to elite marathon.

Ronhill Branding Mens Running Gear
Ronhill Branding Womens Running Tights

Founder Ron Hill ran everyday for over 52 years; leaving a legacy followed by a global audience under the monica of #runeveryday. Ron wanted to provide a legacy of running that allows everyone to believe and action the ability to run, even just a little every day, in the hope it brings the joy to others that it brought to his life.

As a strategic joint venture, Waking Giants will be driving a new strategic direction for how the brand is delivered through event activation, influencers, and online retail throughout New Zealand. A break from the traditional sell-in, brick and mortar model of old.

As a company, it allows us to dig deep into what makes the brand great and use legacy to bring to the fore the incredibly loved brand that Ronhill is.

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