Ronhill NZ Relays: Event development to drive community engagement.

Bringing stories to life takes more than quirky marketing tricks. It demands you to create experiences that leave a lasting impact on the consumer beyond the product itself.

The relaunch of Ronhill in New Zealand needed something special to set it apart from other running brands. So we created our own event.

The Ronhill brand is synonymous with the global #runeveryday phenomena which Ron Hill himself achieved, everyday, for over 54 years.

His goal was to encourage people to run a minimum of 1-mile per day as a way to increase their movement and wellbeing. This concept is promoted globally every October as a way to activate the story of the brand and bring runners together.

As consumers increasingly search for new experiences to express themselves, it is becoming increasingly harder to create new running events beyond the traditional 5, 10, 21, and 42km distances. The concept of the mile relays was born in the UK to leverage the Ronhill brand.

Event Branding Ronhill NZ Mile Relays by Waking Giants

We, however, felt there was a need to create something unique and accessible that talked to the story of the man and the brand, the Ronhill NZ Relays, unique running event for kiwi runners. Teams of 4, each running 1 mile on a track, against the clock over 2 weekends.

The event enables runners of all abilities to run as a team over a competitive distance without the need for a high volume of training and spread out on a course where friends and family can’t watch.

Running on a running track is also a novel concept as many won’t have done so since their childhood. Add to that, unique medals that connect – creating it as a series to add a competitive edge over two weekends along with branded vests, this really is a runners event.

To dig deeper into the story, we aligned the event with Sir John Walker and the Mile.

Walker broke the World Record in the mile run with a time of 3:49.4 minutes set at Göteborg, Sweden, on 12 August 1975, bettering the previous time of 3:51.0 set earlier that year by Filbert Bayi.

It was the first time that the Three minutes and 50 seconds time had been broken, and it was a full 10 seconds faster than Roger Bannister’s historic sub-four-minute Mile of 3:59.4 that was run twenty-one years previously.

We will be raising money for the John Walker ‘Find Your Field of Dreams’ Foundation to help continue his love of sport and use it to support future generations of athletes.

The event takes place at AUT Millenium, North Shore, Auckland. 2nd & 16th February 2020.

More information available here:

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