North Shore Marathon 10 year brand review drives 50% growth in the first 3 weeks.

The Why


In a competitive business market, we had an ageing brand that we needed to refresh for our 10th Anniversary.

A brand review isn’t something that should be taken lightly, but when it comes to a saturated market, keeping the brand relevant to the consumer is critical.


In 2020, the North Shore Marathon celebrates 10 years since its inception by running events legend Dion Jelley. While surviving 10 years for any business is an amazing feat, there comes the time when we have to look closely and ask tough questions about where you sit in the market right now.


The Auckland running scene has grown rapidly over the past 10 years, some have survived and some fallen by the wayside quickly. But an enduring event location, great course and accessible to runners from first-timers to the seasoned runner is not always enough.

Brand Development North-Shore-Marathon by Waking Giants
Social Media Template Design North Shore Marathon by Waking Giants
Website Rebrand by Waking Giants

We always take a cautious approach to rebranding events and businesses as it is all too often the business that is the issue and not the brand. But in the case of the North Shore Marathon, it was about getting back to its roots and putting the runner is at the heart of the business.


The project wasn’t just about a new look feel but making the customer journey easier. Runners are looking for several key attributes before they sign up; is it easy, is the course interesting, are results published quickly, medals and T-shirts and the price. Throughout the brand review, we challenged all of these customer demands, to simplify and set some brand promises that not only delivered a refreshed marathon experience but a market-leading position once again.

From the user interface of the website, information hierarchy to the email design, each step was simplified for the user experience and conversion.


The net result; 50% growth in sign-ups, post-event year on year in 3 weeks. The real lesson in this brand review is not the visual outcome, but the focus on the customer and their experience that then drives the business outcome.


If you feel your brand is feeling a little tired, ask why. Is it the way it looks or the way you deliver your experience? Are you creating a relevant customer experience for what they need right now?

Simpson Western North Shore Marathon

In a competitive business market, we had an ageing brand that we needed to refresh for our 10th Anniversary. A simple brief to the team at Waking Giants on who we are and what we wanted to achieve enabled them to redesign our image, branding and website to take us into the future with a sleek new look that embodied who were are and what we represented.


The results were outstanding, we not only ended up with a great new professional feel but the resulting numbers were up an amazing 50% in the first month! What might not seem to have been much, produced a resounding result and will lead our growth for the coming years.”


Dion Jelley, Founder North Shore Marathon

If you think your brand is in need of a review to be more relevant, get in touch with us through the form below to discuss what you want your brand to achieve for you and your customers.