Candor3: A different kind of engineering company.

In the face of a shallow workforce, industry disruption and the needs of a rising generation. Candor³ are taking the initiative and understanding what their future workforce wants and needs to be both successful and fulfilled.

Candor 3 is not your conventional engineering company. And to prove it, they have embarked on a long term vision for the development of their staff and to attract talent from the global workforce to enhance their brand further.

As part of their growth strategy, they have been digging into what makes them, them and what culture means to their people, clients, and the bottom line.

What started as a project in developing their communication strategy online soon uncovered the greater story that needed to be told – great leadership investing in their people, day in day out, by listening to their needs.

Working with the Candor3 leadership team and their full staff, we participated in a range of workshops, discovery sessions, and strategic planning sessions that connected the needs of the business to the needs of the people. One of the big takeaways was how diverse the needs of the team were.

From age and culture to language and family. All factors were considered to develop a series of learning tools and videos that not only connected the current staff but to shed light on what was on offer at Candor3 for potential applicants.

Strategy Development Candor3

Some of the challenges faced by businesses and their leaders cannot be ‘solved’ in a strategic plan or team meeting. They have to be peeled away and understood to build deep connection and direction.

Only strong leadership and awareness can stand this course. Creating great culture takes time and curation, not one-off events and dictation of rules.

As we continue to capture and develop the storytelling, we understand more about what ‘work’ and ‘business’ really means to both leaders and their teams.

Are you a founder or partner looking to make significant change in your business?

We have a range of programs that breakdown and guide you through the key areas of Leadership, Strategy and Brand Strategy to support sustainable growth.

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