The Reset Business Workshop.

If you own a business, now and then you get stuck – energy, ideas, motivation, and strategy, are all in short supply.

No time to stop and regroup, but you want the future to be different. Time to reset.

The Reset Workshop by Waking Giants
The Reset Workshop with Waking Giants - Retail

Business Is Lonely!

But You Don’t Have To Go It Alone.

The first challenge you will face is understanding what you need and where to get help. Business is complex, but the solutions are often very simple.

Every emotion and skill that you have is poured into your business, whether you are early days, growing or kicking goals, or taking names. The work never stops, no matter what we tell ourselves.

What you are experiencing is normal, but no less challenging.

Helping our clients get the best from themselves.

Andy Thomson

Managing Director, Construction Cost Consultants

Raymond Laursen

Sales & Innovation Manager, Conroy Australia

The Reset Business Workshop.

This business workshop is a reset from where you are at to where you want to go. You don’t have to spend weeks and months on every aspect of your business, you just need to take a dedicated block of time to understand all of your fears, emotions, challenges, and desires in the hands of someone who understands.

*There is no obligation to commit to Part 2 of the process.*

Part 1 – Free

  • 1 Hour Free – One-on-one Coaching.

We are so focused on giving value your first hour is free. No sales pitch or clever stuff, you share your challenges and we will start working on solutions with you.

Part 2 – $895+gst

  • 3 Hour Dedicated Session

If you get the value from the first hour, you can then choose to take the next step and go into a deep dive session over 3 hours to realise even more solutions.

The Process.

Firstly The Reset Business Workshop is about taking a breath. Over the past three years, most of the breakthroughs that we have seen from clients are by taking a step back and having an honest discussion about where they are at.

Most know they have more potential than they currently realise, but the day-to-day is getting in the way, and overwhelm is setting in. Our pragmatic approach focuses on understanding what the REAL challenge is, helping you understand it, then creating a simple and focused plan forward.

Don’t underestimate the value of a trusted ear when it comes to business. No judgment, no pressure, just a focus on moving you forward.

Part 1

  • 1 Hour Free – One-on-one Coaching.

In this first session we will focus on the 3-5 things that are causing you the most challenge right now. Before the session you will get a guide to start digging into what those 3-5 things are so when we talk we can get started on finding solutions. After the call we will send you a breakdown on the potential solutions and strategies that will move your forward. Free.

Part 2

  • 3 Hour Dedicated Session

If you want to progress after the first discussion the next session will be focused on digging into the top three items that you believe will make the most difference over the coming 30-90 days. Simple, practical goals that you can implement and benefit from. We can do this in person if you are in Auckland or via zoom if you are based elsewhere.

No selling, no trickery, just us sharing our experiences and ideas from over 20 years in developing strategy for our business and others.

How does it work? Simple. Contact us via the form below to advise us on what sort of help you are looking for and we will book you in for your first session. The only commitment is that you provide answers to a few questions and turn up to the meeting ready to go.

Conditions: We cannot provide this support to pre-business owners. I.e. we won’t validate your idea for you. You must be in business and have started generating revenue for us to be able to help you. There are loads of great start up incubators out there.

Are you committed to the second session and have to pay? No. We believe that we can add value to you in the first session either way. If you then want to progress with us, then thats great. All we ask is that you commit to the first meeting.

We do things a little differently.

Working with Waking Giants has resulted in greater clarity and confidence in key areas that were holding the business back. Having another perspective on the business has helped to see things as they really are. Grant’s honest approach in assessing situations delivers realistic insights that help grow your business.

If you want an honest assessment of your business position and opportunities, with enough kindness to help you hear the truth, I recommend Grant and Waking Giants.

Mary Crampton

Magnify Consulting

With Grant’s help and support, in a short space of time, I have a super clear direction on where I’m heading, I’m getting more enquiries and closing more clients than I can keep up with and everything is just going pretty awesome.

He’s a really nice guy (just don’t tell him I said so), very action orientated and always helps me keep on track with my priorities. A key moment was when he talked me out of accepting a job offer I would have otherwise taken! His faith in me has really paid off with the progress I have made in my business since that point and I’m very pleased I listened to him. Highly recommended.

Dan Lacey

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