How does business coaching help your business?

You don’t get a new best friend, but a support system to understand how to get the best out of you and your business.

Business Coaching
Business Coaching New Zealand

Business Coaching.

Someone Who Understands.

Too many business owners are saddled with the daily challenges of running their business without support. First things first, asking for help is a strength. No matter if you are going through change or exciting growth, business coaching will lessen that burden.

But we are not talking about professional coaches, but a coach that has been through the building and running of businesses that can speak from experience and not from a textbook. Real experiences, practical help.

What can we help you with to create stability?

Starting with your needs as a person we look at what the business means to you and where you want it to take you. You cannot separate the person and the business.

Business Leadership

  • Identifying your why.

  • Values and mission.

  • Setting Goals.

  • How you lead.

  • Growth mindset.

  • Building culture.

  • Communication.

  • Self-awareness and care.

  • Taming the imposter.

Business Strategy

  • Defining your business.

  • Core customer.

  • Find your strengths.

  • Competitive advantage.

  • Strategic planning.

  • Building a brand.

  • Partnerships and leverage.

  • Strategy implementation.

  • Measuring what matters.

We create FOCUSED business owners.

We break the process down so that you can implement small changes every day, but have a massive impact.

  • One-on-one Coaching.

  • Monthly or Two Weekly.

  • Zoom or In-person.

  • 1 or 2 Hour Sessions.

  • Accountability Tools Included.

  • Access To The Leadership Toolbox.

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What to consider when choosing a business coach.

Not all coaches are equal and you need to find one that gets YOU. The advantage we have is that we don’t work with groups or mass coaching. We focus on you, so you need to find a fit that aligns with your goals, values and learning style.

Are You Ready To Grow

If you are not 100% in then you are not ready for the changes ahead.

Find The Right Process

Time, place and format are all factors in the efficacy of business coaching.

Know What You Want

Be clear about what change and support you are looking for before you sign up.

Take Small Steps

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor will your business. Start simple and build on your wins.

Time to take action.

Our approach to strategy focuses on the core needs of the business – understanding the current strengths and weaknesses or looking for future growth opportunities.

Strategic Planning

Do you need clarity on where your business is and where it is heading?

Leadership Coaching

Are you overwhelmed with your current leadership commitments?

Helping our clients get the best from themselves.

Andy Thomson

Managing Director, Construction Cost Consultants

Raymond Laursen

Sales & Innovation Manager, Conroy Australia

Case Study: After 20 Years, It Was Time For A Change.

Having been in a service business for over 20 years, the model was getting a little tiresome for the client. Working over 70 hours per week, come rain or shine, making good money, but wondering why?

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It’s all well and good us telling you how good we are, but when it comes to building relationships it’s all about being open. We have great webinars available along with our Leadership Toolbox Community.

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