Building A Brand Online


+ Creating an online brand experience
+ Brand strategy to guide your success
+ Consistent messaging to all audiences

Customers have become so much more engaged in the brands they buy and they start online.

Our online brand building program is designed to guide you through the process of developing your brand across multiple platforms online ensuring consistency of brand positioning.

The Program

STEP ONE: Online Brand Audit

Understanding where you’re starting is just as important as understanding where you’re going. This step helps us identify how your brand is currently positioned online.

We also review your competition, determining their current state and analysing the outcomes against customer demand.

+ 2 hour discovery workshop
+ Digital inventory review/SWOT analysis
+ Competitor analysis

STEP TWO: Know Your Customers

Once the audit is complete, we’ll work with you to identify exactly who you want to sell to. Through analysing common customer traits and patterns, we identify who your perfect customers are so we can identify their pain points and present your solutions.

+ Current customer analysis
+ Key customer avatar(s)
+ Customer values guidelines

STEP THREE: Online Strategy Development

It’s far more effective to invest time, energy and money into a handful of online initiatives that are aligned with your audience behaviours and your business goals. In this step we identify the most effective channels to grow your brand online.

+ Digital strategy plan

STEP FOUR: Customer Journey

Once the most effective online platforms to engage with your audience have been identified, it’s time to create a customer journey plan. This will map how your audience experience your brand before, during, and after they have become a client or customer.

+ Brand positioning
+ Customer behaviours
+ Pipeline segmentation

STEP FIVE: Measure Impact

In this step we will identify the key areas for analysis and strategy efficacy.

+ Key data points
+ Analysis tools
+ Reporting method
+ Recommendations for lead generation activation.*

*This is part of our digital strategy implementation and will be quoted aligned to your needs as required.
Building A Brand Online
Hallmark Group Logo

“From day one Grant and his team have been exceptional in our journey to increase and develop new brands, and the concepts that they have created have exceeded all our original expectations.”

Braden Hickmott, Hallmark Group

Building a brand online is just as important as in the real world.

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